Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Light Summer Fare

I recently threw together a light summer meal after an impromptu pool party and it was so well-liked I thought I'd include the photos and menu here. I really enjoy casual summer dining with light portions that are really satisfying and flavorful.

I try to make a summer table as bright and colorful as possible. These shrimp crackers certainly added some color and were a light way to bring carbs to the meal without those heavy potato or pasta salads.

Grilled, marinated chicken tenderloins are so quick and easy. We sprinkled them with sliced green onion and served a side of fresh, steamed corn.

The Lemoncello glowed on the table. I keep mine stored in the freezer at all times. A small sip of this ice cold, citrusy liqueur gives you a tart, refreshing chill on a hot day.

What are some of your favorite summer meals? What do you cook when the weather is really oppressively hot? We always want to know.

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