Thursday, July 21, 2011

Boston Food Bloggers Tweetup

We stopped in last week to Lansdowne Pub to check in with fellow food bloggers and enjoy some Twisted Tea. Molly of CheapBeets was there. So was Lindsey of BeantownEats. The next event will be a Boston Harbor cruise in August. It's going to be a three hour tour. A three hour tour. I'll be playing the part of Thurston Howell III. All jokes aside, I am really looking forward to seeing all my Boston blogger friends at TECHmunch this weekend, where we will geek out on technology, stuff ourselves (of course) and have the chance to meet and greet all our fave foodies. That and tons of pics, I am sure. Rachel, who is the angel that organizes all these food blogger events, will be a panelist.

Mikal at his second TBF event. Luv the name badge you made Mikal!

With Adam of @ConciergeBoston. If you don't follow his Twitter feed then you don't know where to go or what to do, mostly for free, in and around Boston. He covers everything from food to sports to cultural events and tall ships. You should definitely follow him.

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