Saturday, May 28, 2011

There Will Be Blood

Boston. Culture Capital. The Intelligentsia of Harvard and M.I.T. Cauldron of bio-medical and technological innovation. Sports Town. Brahmin. Staid. Puritanical. Home of Paul Revere and Ben Franklin. Cradle of Liberty. Oh, how we love to break the molds and show off the fun we have with ...

ZOMBIES!!! Yes, today at South Station hundreds gathered for Boston's annual Zombie Walk, to the delight of visitors and residents who happened to witness the blood-soaked, dazed parade of the dead winding through the streets. There were Zombies from ALL walks of life happily munching on brains and hearts as they strolled up through Boston Common.

We even found this Chef Zombie (a proud graduate of Johnson and Wales) who happens to be a Foodie reader and fan! Who says Boston can't cut loose once in a while? Enjoy the pics and, as always, you can click on any photo to enlarge it for all the gory, beautiful details.

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