Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dear William ...

Did you know that more people will visit Boston this year than Disney World? I suspect it's not only because we are the Hub of technology but also the amazing food, art, culture, history and unique neighborhood finds. Here is yet another love letter from recent visitor, David Williams, who wanted large portions of good old-fashioned food. (Not that we don't point you in the direction of the techno-emotional plates, wine dinners or street vendors, whatever is your thing).

"Dear William:

Just wanted to let you know we had a great dinner at Mamma Maria. Excellent food, great service, and a really nice atmosphere. Great recommendation.

Of course, no trip to the North End (as we know now) would be complete with Mike’s Pastry either. Also took in Union Oyster — gotta hit the classics anywhere we go.

Thanks again for your suggestions and for having taken the time."

If you are visiting Boston this season hit us up. Seaport. Fenway. Harvard. Things to do. Places to go. People and ideas. And, as always, great food to your liking.

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