Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bernays on Orginal Content

"There is a lag of time between a great idea and when the public recognizes it."
Edward L. Bernays

Sometimes being the very first person to talk or show or demonstrate sucks. People think you are weird and "out there." On the frindge. New, undiscovered territory. I like it. Then, at dinner parties a few months later everyone is talking about things you presented as if it's their idea.

TBF was the first to bring you José Duarte and his edible QR code on a plate. So now it's something new.

I am expecting the Chihuly tags will be along any week now.

We have orginal content. Stuff you don't see anywhere else.

As a side note, I was very fortunate enough to dine with Mr. Bernays at his Brattle Street home for many years and his insight on the future was always amazing.

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