Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cooking At The BCAE

Jenny Johnson of NECN's TV Diner and Chef Charles Draghi of Erbaluce.

We were recently asked to a taping of TV Diner at BCAE, where, in their impressive kitchens they invite local Chefs to come in and prepare a dish with Executive Producer Jenny Johnson. We've attended several before and it is always a fun, delicious day.

Chef Draghi prepared a Fritatta using fresh, local herbs and never any butter. The result was mouth-watering, as you can see in this photo.

Next up was Chef Todd Winer of Met Back Bay who prepared a creamy corn dish with truffles.

Truffled Indian Corn with Couscous and (even more)Truffles. Jenny joked that she had eaten an entire bowl of it just the night before and still wanted more. We could see why. This may have been our favorite dish.

We were all surprised when the ever-colorful Chef Lydia Shire walked in to greet us. What a great line-up we had!

Anyone who has ever seen a Lydia Shire food demo knows that it is not complete without one of her quirky dinner setting creations.

Lydia prepared a skirt steak using what she called: "Maximum salt and pepper." She sang the praises of Kerrygold butter and Maldon salt, two of the quality ingredients used.

The steak was topped with another dollop of that delicious butter.

Chef Rodney Murillo of Davio's had just flown in from Atlanta and rushed over to the BCAE. I never knew that Davio's has locations in both Atlanta and Philadelphia. He had Jenny opening clams in no time.

Chef Murillo prepared two dishes: stuffed clams and a clam ceviche using the juice of blood oranges. Fantastic! Chef Murillo predicts a trend toward less fried shellfish and more dishes like this and oysters marinated in champagne.

Chef Lydia Shire of Scampo and Towne with TBF.

We absolutely could not resist having our photos taken with Lydia!

Lydia Shire and Christian Sann of SCVNGR in Cambridge.

The Boston Center for Adult Education offers cooking classes at all levels, for all ages and encompass every possible cuisine, making it easy for everyone to join a favorite Boston celebrity chef for time in the kitchen.

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