Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Free Coffee

Need a way to brighten these frigid days, with our bi-weekly blizzards, frozen telephone wires ready to drop, loss of cable and (OMG) the internet, plus the impending threat of being caught under that random collapsing roof only to be crushed to nothing but red blood cells? How about some free coffee?

Nothing will stop them (unlike my Post Office delivery personnel, who apparently take snow days now.) Enter Seamless Web, a new food delivery service that chose a perfectly white landscape to set off their red trucks for some fun free coffee delivery to Bostonians all this week. If they can deliver in this I am pretty sure they can deliver anything!

We enjoyed our free coffee in Harvard Square yesterday morning during that horrendous commute. Nice job guys! Like we say, you don't see this stuff anywhere else.

Look for the big, red food delivery truck and all those folks braving the New England weather to get your free coffee. Here is the link to locations where the truck will be each morning this week: Free Coffee.

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