Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blogging, Video and Anne Hathaway

We spent most of this long, holiday weekend resting, recovering from a monumental cold, and watching Anne Hathaway and James Franco films in anticipation of the Academy Awards next week. THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA led us to take another look at THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE, a documentary which made us realize just exactly how much DEVIL amazingly recreated the offices of real Vogue Editor Anna Wintour down to the last detail. Then we realized that we had a video clip on file of our own Anne Hatahaway shouting out to us last year during her Hasty Pudding Award parade in Cambridge. Did you know that Hathaway and Franco won the Hasty Pudding Award the same year? Anyway, you may have noticed that TBF is using more and more original, raw video. After attending a recent Social Media Bootcamp we learned that all of the research indicates that people like blogs that feature original video and it's predicted to be the biggest trend for bloggers this year. That's all we needed to hear to make it one of our primary goals. What do you think? Do you like these behind-the-scenes video clips? Would you like to see more of them? We'd love to hear from you. So, anyone who leaves a comment on the blog today about using videos will be entered into a contest to win a gift card from GiltCity.com.


  1. Anne Hathaway is sooooo pretty. I used to work for Cosmo and absolutely loved The Devil Wears Prada and the September Issue because it reminded me of my old job.

    I like the behind-the-scenes video clips!

  2. I believe Anne Hathaway is a great young actress. I saw The Devil Wears Prada and I loved her in that role. And I also saw The September Issue with Anna Wintour. I think she is an amazing woman, aside from being extra-successful.