Monday, February 14, 2011

Biscotti Babies

I am a baker and one of my specialties is biscotti, which can be difficult to make. It's one of the types of cookies that you almost never get right the first time, maybe even the second or third. So, I was apprehensive when I was sent a sample of this new product to try. Created by Master Baker Mat Hauck of Great Barrington, MA, it's a new spin on the traditional cookie but I really liked them. They are bite-sized and come in small packs at one hundred calories a bag, the portion size is controlled but the flavor is there. The come in four flavors: cranberry walnut, orange almond, cinnamon hazelnut and double chocolate (my favorite). Made with all-natural ingredients, the fact that they are locally-made is just an added plus.


  1. I thought these Biscotti Babies were pretty good!

  2. How cute! I've never made biscotti - I'm a little intimidated by them hehe. But anything double chocolate sounds good to me!

    PS - Happy Valentines Day :)