Friday, January 28, 2011

In Italy

After a nice dinner, a little entertainment is cool. In Italy, the food is, of course, legendary but what is not so well known is the plethora of small musical groups and concert halls. Some tour guides will tell you that people have always come together to form small, local musical groups that are amazingly talented. It's almost a holdover from the tradition of the troubadours and travelling minstrel shows. Musicians of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to join and sometimes the groups practice every, single night. Creating the perfect Mozart Divertimenti is not easy. It's all about the strings and timing. This video snippet of one such group shows the technical detail and excellence that can be achieved. So relaxing and precise. The Divertimenti were compositions meant to be played at social gatherings and other important events. They were meant to be background music for society gatherings and I think are some of the most beautiful compositions Mozart achieved. Next time you are in Italy find a local resident and ask about the local musical organization. You will be happily surprised.

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