Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Cheeseboy Advice

It's a simple premise, really. Put up the most attractive kiosk at a heavily trafficked spot like South Station. Then, bring to the gastronomically-challenged area the kind of comfort food Mom used to make. Use quality ingredients. Keep it simple. The result: Cheeseboy at South Station.

The buttery, crisp, meltingly-delicious grilled cheese sandwiches seem to come out perfect every time. Pictured here is The Classic with Italian bread and American cheese. There is also a Cheddar and a Swiss version.

And what better to go with it than the perfect pairing of that creamy, warm Old Fashion Tomato soup? It's the ideal combination, especially as the weather grows colder.

There is always a second choice of soup. On the day we recently visited it was Cream Of Broccoli, which was just as good as the Tomato.

When Cheeseboy first opened it was not unusual for the lines to literally stretch outside the doors of South Station. It has been an incredibly popular venture. So, our advice is to visit just before the crunch time of 12-2:00 PM. And if you are taking the train out of here over the holidays, bring a few extra minutes and your appetite

South Station
720 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA 02110
Telephone: 617.737.4600


  1. Oh yum. That grilled cheese does look amazing. Nothing in the world like comfort food, especially with these chilly temperatures!

  2. I still haven't checked Cheeseboy out. I definitely want to give it a try!