Thursday, December 2, 2010

The boloco Future Chefs Challenge

boloco Co-Founder Jason Hutchinson and Social Media Maven Sara Steele-Rogers, our hosts for the event.

Last night I met up with friends from boloco and Future Chefs, representing culinary students from four area High Schools: Everett, Somerville, Madison Park in Boston and Quincy, where they introduced the students to boloco and presented them with a challenge to create their own inspired burrito. It was great to see such a good company (one of the first chain of restaurants to be be certified by the Green Restaurant Association) give back to the community by inspiring the young adults in this great organization.

The challenge is explained to the Future Chefs students: each school will be asked to create the most deliciously-inspired, proportionately perfect and tightest-wrapped and rolled burrito using the boloco ingredient list. In January the group will reconvene and their burritos will be judged by a panel including a boloco representative. I am anxious to see what they will come up with.

After introductions it was time to taste the guacamole! boloco serves a slightly spicy version which I loved.

The Future Chefs had a full tour of the kitchen and prep area. Like most Boston restaurants it was small (but not cramped) and highly organized and efficient.

boloco prepares all of their fillings in small batches. Just one glance at these ingredients and you can see how incredibly fresh everything really is.

Quick-wrapping the fresh burritos.

The boloco team gives me a close-up look on how to properly tight-wrap a burrito. I have to say mine did not fall apart at all.

Then it was time to taste some burritos. We sampled some of boloco's top favorites: The Classic, The Buffalo, the Memphis BBQ and The Summer. My personal fave was The Classic

The Congress Street boloco team shows how they can quickly wrap a burrito. During lunch hour they will move over 300 burritos an hour into the hands of hungry customers in the Financial District. That's up to 6 burritos a minute!

Finally, the whole Future Chefs group gets a lesson on wrapping a burrito properly, which they'll need to know to ace the competition.

Here's a short video of Jason explaining to the Future Chefs the importance of measurement, consistency and training in their operations. Good advice Jason!

As usual, thanks to everyone involved for yet another fun food night.


  1. Thanks Will for such an awesome blog post!!!! We had a blast.

  2. Future Chefs is lucky to have such a fabulous reporter on the scene! Thanks Will!

  3. What a great recap. Thanks so much, Will!!