Friday, November 5, 2010

Akide Candy

This week we've been writing a lot about new products that we've been sent to sample. Nar Gourmet (NAR standing for Natural And Regional) sent us a box of Akide candy among some other exotic oil and foods we'll write more about soon.

Akide is a hard candy made of boiled sugar stemming from traditions going back to the 16th century. A symbol of loyalty in Ottoman times, Akide was presented as a gift at court ceremonies, weddings and other festive occasions. Enjoyed alone or, more typically, with tea or coffee, it is flavored with a variety of fruits, nuts, seeds or spices.

Sent in an elegant, artistic box, our favorite Akide was the pistachio flavor. Other flavors include luxurious tastes such as hazelnut, mint, lemon, strawberry, bergamot, cinnamon, sesame and banana.

The full line of the Nar line of Turkish food products can be viewed on there website: Nar Gourmet.

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