Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ultimate Secrets To Career Success

I was lucky enough to be invited to the W Boston yesterday for a success boot camp organized by Mel Robbins, whose talk show on 96.9 FM Boston Talks we never try to miss. You should tune in on Saturdays from 10AM-1PM and and listen for great life and career advice as well as the updates for fun weekend events from our friend Max Buccini.

Mel kicked off the event with her topic: There's A More Powerful You. Having just finished her new book: STOP SAYING YOU'RE FINE - DISCOVER A MORE POWERFUL YOU. Her basic message was one I espouse all the time, stop sabotaging yourself. It reminded me of one of my favorite sayings, an old Zen proverb: To know and not to do is to not yet really know. I do believe that we all really do know what we want and we pretty much know how to get it, too. That's not the problem. The problem is: why aren't we doing it? I really suggest you tune in to her show and you'll be hooked.

Other interesting speakers of note were Christine Mason-McCall, who gave a very informative talk on one of our favorite subjects, Social Media. This woman is a dynamo, a very successful CEO and a mother of six children!

Mark Jeffries, author of THE ART OF BUSINESS SEDUCTION lent his upbeat British humor and practical techniques for how to win over anyone in any business challenge you face.

Eric Trump, son of the one and only Donald Trump, shared with us his father's best advice for success in business on any front. Here it is:

1 Choose work that you can be totally passionate about.
2 Negotiate everything, all the time. American culture does not foster the everyday practice of negotiation that is seen in most other world cultures.
3 Go with your gut. Successful businesspeople act on their instincts.
4 Keep up your guard. Don't blindly trust everyone all the time without checking the facts.
5 Always fight to the very end. Never give up. The only way to lose is to give up.
6 Put emotions aside. Eric shared a story about a businessman who walked away from a $48 million dollar offer because he let his emotions cloud his mind. The offer was never matched.
7 Think big. Don't be satisfied with small goals when a bigger possibility is there.

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