Monday, October 11, 2010

The Maine Diner

Having been around for 27 years it's sort of a legend, popular with both very loyal locals and visitors. Guy Fieri stopped by with his cameras last Spring which translated to lines out the door all Summer long but things are back to normal now. It's a cool place with friendly people. I find it an oasis of non-elitest dining democracy. Check your self-importance at the door. And it's perfect for cool, Autumnal weekends at the country house. It's the Maine Diner.

With counter service and tables this is the genuine thing. I never saw a seat empty for more than one minute. There is almost always a wait but the turnover is rapid. Not lingering is just part of the culture.

Maine Diner is rustic, authentic and exactly what you'd expect (and more) for a home-cooked, satisfying meal. And although the cams were out all over the room, snapping pics everywhere I don't think there has ever been an actual fashion shoot here.

Mary had the mushroom and cheese three egg omelet. Look at the size of that thing!

Karen went with the Belgian Waffles.

This was my choice, complete with that mound of delicious corned beef hash I love but only enjoy a few times a year (lie).

A stack of real blueberry pancakes was Peter's choice. You can always tell if the blueberries are mixed in the batter (as opposed to sprinkled on top) when they have a greenish tinge. It may not be appealing but it's the way it is. I learned this long ago making blueberry muffins at Bernard's Bakery.

Of course, little Katherine Elizabeth (aka Lilac Bucket) dined on her toys but seemed to enjoy watching us stuff ourselves.

The Maine Diner is not just for hearty breakfasts although they open at 7:00 AM every day year round. They also serve hearty lunches and hearty dinners. Lobster mac 'n cheese anyone?

Maine Diner
Route 1
Wells, ME 04090
Telephone: 207.646.4441
Reservations: If you expect them, you don't get it.

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  1. I've heard so many great things about the Maine Diner and definitely want to check it out someday!