Friday, October 22, 2010

Fashion, Food, Fun and The Future

You all know what a fashion shoot is like. Or, if you don't, read on. First, there is location.

Then, there is wardrobe.

After that, you wait around until you are "called" for the camera.

As a writer I am more than happy to be off camera, behind-the-scenes and I've observed hundreds of fashion shoots but none that ever made me so happy as this one for Future Chefs. You all know it's my favorite organization and over the next few months I'll be pressing all of my food writing and blogging friends to learn more about them. For now, I was really happy to be in the background, chronicling this occasion. It's a real turning point for us to be featured on the cover of Edible Boston for their December issue. And that was only the beginning of the day for this group of amazing kids who are the next generation of culinary stars in Boston.

Thanks to Michael of Michael Piazza Photography for letting me intrude and having an amazing eye. (I kept my no-flash promise). Thanks to Ilene Bezahler, Publisher of Edible Boston for opening eyes. Thank you to Future Chefs for inviting me in.

To my blogger friends who share all those fancy ten course dinners and events with me, and you know who you are, this was like having a front row seat to watch a rocket blast off. Future Chefs IS the future and I want all of you to be involved because this is the organization you have been looking for. It's been so rewarding to share my ideas, skills, insights, contacts and to mentor these young people and I promise you that you will learn so much from them. I really want all of you to be involved.


  1. Let's find time to talk about this organization the next time we run into each other at one of our fancy ten-course meals :-)

  2. Michelle - You'd be the ideal friend for FC! We may have to settle for 8 courses but we will DEFINITELY talk.