Friday, October 1, 2010

CSN Stores and Our Monthly Roundup has been spoiling food bloggers rotten by introducing us to the products available at their over 200 stores! They have all kinds of cooking utensils, such as dutch ovens, the J. A. Henckels knives they sent us to review, baby furniture and home decor. You really should check out their site, the huge amount of products, great services and discount prices. Oh, and we love the knives, proving once again that a great set of knives is always the chef's best friend.

We've also been catching up on our reading. Steven Raichlen's PLANET BARBECUE is quite the tome, taking us on a journey that spans the globe. Over 300 recipes from 60 different countries with lots of photos and tips. Get out your grills!

Author Abigail Johnson Dodge gave us a copy of her latest book: DESSERTS 4 TODAY. What we love about this book is that all of the scrumptious dessert recipes use only 4 ingredients but are never short on flavor and presentation. A perfect read for these cool Fall weekends where baking is our favorite weekend activity.

Both books are widely available so check out your local bookstores (another favorite weekend activity).

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