Saturday, September 25, 2010

What The Fluff 2010

Several years back a certain State Senator found out that his kids were being served peanut butter and Fluff sandwiches at school and tried to introduce a bill outlawing it. Don't you just love it when elitist politicians try to legislate what you and your family can eat? There was quite a backlash and it was soon discovered that Fluff was actually invented in his own District with a strong tie to the history and folklore of Somerville, Massachusetts. Their response: What The Fluff?

Now in it's fifth year the event that celebrates the magical marshmallow cream is held in Union Square and still going strong. This year's party drew a huge crowd with lots of fun for families, entertainment, games and plenty of interesting tastes of Fluff. There was even a Fluff cooking contest. Every local restaurant was also offering some kind of Fluff inspired dish or cocktail. Oh, and by the way, that certain State Senator ... he's no longer in office.

Lots of bands and musical acts were on hand to entertain the rather large audience.

Whoopie Pies were, of course, on of the biggest sellers at the event. We liked the pumpkin variety.

And, yes, there were even some people wearing their Fluff.

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  1. Hello! Love your Fluff Fest recap - it looks like we were there at the same time! Glad to have found your blog - I will keep checking back.

    :) Aimee