Friday, September 10, 2010

Playing The Foodtorialist

Is this not the best time of year in Boston? The punishing heat gives way to cool, crisp nights and easy sleeping. The students are back, the social and cultural events abound and the City seems so much more vibrant and alive. On days like this we like to play "The Foodtorialist" and just wander around enjoying people enjoying food. We always run into friends and surprises that make us love Boston even more. Hope you enjoy the pics and surprises, too!

At Tommy Doyle's in Cambridge the crowd was enjoying the sun and cool weather.

Across the street at The Black Sheep diners enjoyed a leisurely lunch.

The Clover Food Lab was lining them up, as usual, for some mobile meals. We tweeted from the scene earlier when a camera crew was shooting for a feature on Clover for an upcoming CNN broadcast.

Nothing like taking a break from business for an outdoor lunch at a prime location: the fountain on Boston Common.

These ladies took the kids to the park to enjoy the sunshine and a snack. Very cool shades there buddy!

Whenever you are working outside all day you just have to take a little time....

The outdoor crowd at the fashionably artsy 29 Newbury was, well ... fashionably artsy.

The mecca of alfresco dining in Boston has always been Stephanie's On Newbury, owned by the Queen of Comfort Food, Stephanie Sokolov.

Stephanie's was like an ocean of outside diners. It seemed every seat was occupied.

The heavy hitters at Abe & Louie's abandoned the dining room for the patio for their lavish Friday afternoon lunches.

We ran into our friend and fellow food writer Christine Liu of Citysearch who was dining with a guest at the courtyard inside the Boston Public Library.

I had forgotten what a blissful, beautiful urban oasis the Courtyard is. An absolutely stellar choice for a fine Fall afternoon Christine! We'll be doing a pictorial post on the BPL soon if you've never been inside.

Next we stopped in at the Copley Square Farmers Market, which is always packed on Fridays.

We spotted Chris Damskey of Market by Jean Georges at The W Hotel but missed the photo-op. Chris has told us previously that this is one of his faves.

We ended the day by hanging out with two ice cream icons: Ben and Jerry! Our favorite foodie hippies were in town to promote their new fair trade ice cream. We toasted them with a free scoop of fair trade chocolate chip!

Thanks Ben and Jerry!

Next up to the plate was our friend, local singer/songwriter Matthew James whose pic with the dynamic Vermont duo came out WAY better. We are so jealous Matthew!

A very big Thank You to all of the people who took time out of their sunny day to pose for our cameras. Maybe next time we'll catch YOU when we spend the day as The Foodtorialist.


  1. What a great post! This IS the best time of year in Boston, and these photos show how amazing our city is :). Full of foodies like you and me!

  2. "Foodtorialist" - I love it! It looks like today was a great day to wander around the city!

  3. my secret lunch spot couldn't have been more lovingly revealed :) too cool that you met the actual ben and the actual jerry! clearly, foodtorializing is the new black.