Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grilling With Steven Raichlen

Best-selling cookbook author, PBS-TV host and Grill Master Steve Raichlen and TBF.

We were invited, along with a small group of food writers and authors, this week by Steve Raichlen and Command Master Chief David Twiford of the U.S.S. Constitution to join them for a Grill Fest with a global theme to celebrate the crew of the ship at The Charlestown Navy Yard. It was an incredibly fun event featuring an international array of grilled foods.

It could not have been a more beautiful day on The Commandant's Lawn at The Charlestown Navy Yard for a Global Grillfest and outdoor dining.

Steve chats with a few of the 70 crew and family members who attended the event.

Chef Andy Husbands of Tremont 647 joined us to help prepare the lunch.

It was a great day with new friends, fantastic food and the impressive crew of the U.S.S. Constitution.

Steve invited some of the ship's crew to join him at the Grill for the Grilling Demonstration. Great job guys!

One of the passed plate appetizers were thise "Village Hammers" of Serbian origin. A prune is stuffed with fontina cheese then wrapped in bacon and grilled. Unusual and delicious, these were a big hit with the crowd.

Grilled Corn with Butter and Cheese was the first dish of the grilling demonstration.

The Caveman T Bone Steaks prepared by Steve and Crew for the demo.

The honey garlic ginger ribs prepared at the grilling demo.

Next up it was time for the chow with the crew and guests.

The lunch featured a global theme with Thai Grilled Chicken(Thailand),Planked Salmon with Juniper Rub(USA), Potato Bacon Kebabs(Armenia), Good Old-Fashioned Smoked Ribs and Cactus Pear Crisp(USA).

Cookbook Authors Abigail Johnson Dodge and Steven Raichlen. We'll be reviewing both books in an upcoming post.

The fun was not over after the cookout, however. Steve, who happens to be a huge ship geek, invited us along to accompany him on a private tour of "Old Ironsides" with the ship's historian. The tour was absolutely fascinating and we'll have the post on that tour, with full photos, upcoming soon.

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