Monday, September 20, 2010

Famous Chefs and Future Chefs

It was Famous Chefs and Future Chefs last week when we headed over to the BCAE with Jenny Johnson of TV Diner to tape some "Educating Jenny" segments for the show. Chefs Jody Adams, Nathan Rich, Jason Santos and Gordon Hamersley all joined us to prepare a series of dishes most of which featured beets used in a variety of creative ways. The cooking facilities at BCAE never fail to amaze us. This is the second taping for TV Diner I have attended along with the culinary students from my favorite organization: Future Chefs.

Chef Jason Santos of Gargoyles On The Square (one of our most recommended restaurants) prepared a lobster risotto. This is the very same dish he prepared on Hell's Kitchen for Gordon "Effin" Ramsay. We really like Chef Jason, who is not such a celebrity that he can't be at his restaurant nightly.

Jenny Johnson just can't get enough of that lobster risotto. Now if only we could get Hennesy to try that lobster!

The mouth-watering scallop dish prepared by Chef Nathan Rich of Asana at The Mandarin Oriental in Boston. We have the recipe now but would never post it until the TV Diner segment airs on October 23rd.

Gordon Hamersley of the famed Hamersley's Bistro shared an amazing history lesson on mushrooms as he prepared his delicious three dishes. We won't spoil it for you. Tune in on October 9 to see his segment.

Chef Jody Adams of Rialto stops to chat with FC Alumni Sue Ellen after taping her episode. Jose, Hennesy and I all agreed that the dressing on Jody's beet salad with goat cheese was the taste of the day. I think we might have a few budding food critics here.

The segments air on TV Diner (NECN Saturdays 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM) as follows:

Chef Jody Adams September 25
Chef Gordon Hamersley October 9
Chef Nathan Rich October 23
Chef Jason Santos November 6

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