Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Ever have one of those days? This was mine: traffic nightmares of the decade, soaring heat and major technology meltdown. But, as always, we are here for our readers. Due to circumstances beyond our control we are publishing this mini post to announce the final two winners of our contest. It's been a banner week at TBF: the first time we have given away awesome prizes to our readers all week long. So we accept the Ying Yang. Basically, my precious laptop was stolen and I am not sure when I can replace it. Until then I hope you enjoy reading through some of our many, interesting past posts. Our final two winners are Victoria Gillet and Luis Mejias. Congratulations all! (Don't forget to email your shipping addresses.) To those who did not win: we have more contests coming up. Stay tuned. I value each and every one of our readers and truly enjoyed hearing from you.

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