Friday, August 27, 2010

Galápagos San Cristóbal

We like exclusives. We also like the fact that Boston is now recognized as the coffee-loving town it is. We rank right up there with Seattle and that's why Starbucks pays special attention to us. They recently announced the launch of Starbucks Reserve, a line of ultra-premium, single origin coffees available only in select areas. I am liking the new logo for this line.

We were invited to the launch party this week in Boston for the first coffee in the line: Galápagos San Cristóbal. Who knew that Galápagos had coffee? It's a rare, limited run single-origin coffee.

We also got to meet Anthony Carroll, A Starbucks coffee taster. This is the guy who tastes coffee for a living and helps choose the beans that will be featured in the Reserve line. It was great to meet someone so into the craft of coffee, so knowledgeable and enthusiastic. So how does it taste? I found the aroma to be very strong but the taste surprisingly smooth, with a noticeably lower acidity than most coffees. After tasting again at home I also noticed what I can only describe as a "slightly greenish" almost herbal taste. It's subtle, as is a cocoa flavor, but it's there. Take a sip of it black and see if you don't agree.

The coffee will be featured by the glass in only 100 stores in the world. The locations that use the Clover patented brewing system will be the included and select other locations will use the pour over system pictured above. The line launches tomorrow and I know that the South End and Newbury Street locations are included. If you are a true coffee aficionado don't miss out.

For more in-depth information on locations and availability (remember this is only available until the limited supply runs out) click here: Starbucks Reserve. And keep on lingering over those morning fresh brews.

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