Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CSN and Blumie's Tip

Just because I'm on holiday doesn't mean I can't work! CSN, as you may know, is THE website for all your cookware needs and much more. They are supplying the blogosphere with lots of products for bloggers to try. They feature such quality lines as le creuset and just about everything else one could need in the kitchen. We are definitely looking forward to trying those Henckl knives! Stay tuned for a full product review and check out their site (free shipping on many items) for some awesome foodie shopping.

So, you're a food blogger. You love to photograph your food when dining in restaurants to capture that amazing presentation. As most bloggers know this often presents a challenge. Most restaurants have extremely low lighting. Using a flash close up tends to bleach out the pic and ruin all those amazing colors. Well.....Blumie to the rescue!

During our last dinner together our fellow blogger Rachel of Fork It Over Boston!showed us this great little iphone app that turns the camera lens on your phone into a mini LED flashlight, providing just enough fill in light to help you capture those gourmet shots with your digital camera. Presto! Works perfectly. Thanks Blumie! In addition to her excellent blog you can also follow Rachel on Twitter. Her handle is @blumie.


  1. Glad the phone trick is working out for you! I've found a static bright light is a bit less obnoxious than a sudden flash in a restaurant, so this has helped me out at many a dark dinner when I really want to get a photo!

  2. Megan of Delicious Dishings picked up a great mini flashlights that the servers at KO Prime were using for the dim lighting. She tried it out last night at a blogger dinner and it was pretty great!