Thursday, July 29, 2010

Picnic Picks

It's picnic time! Everyone should enjoy at least one nice picnic during the Summer and it doesn't always have to be elaborate. Here's some ideas.

Of course, sandwiches are always popular. We made these turkey roll ups with fresh greens that will stand up to packing.

Ham and cheese sandwiches always carry well. Many people prefer to bring the separate ingredients and assemble the sandwiches when they arrive at their picnic spot.

We like these Goya fruit nectar drinks as they are not carbonated, travel well and are like drinking a serving of fruit.

You gotta have chips!

Chilled, fresh fruit is always a good choice, i rinse mine well in ice cold water then drop them into a plastic bag still dripping.

This very easy salad is simply cucumber and feta cheese, a great Summer combination. We dressed this with Girard's Champagne dressing, a premium dressing that features a variety of amazing flavors. Sometimes it's easy to build a picnic menu around a high quality ingredient such as this.

Crusty, fresh French rolls travel well and are excellent to just break apart and enjoy with slices of cheese and jam.

We like the Cabot sharp cheddar cheeses (made by small farmers) and found this fig spread from the Adriatic at Whole Foods. The taste of the sweet figs was a great match for the sharp cheese.

Let us know what's in your picnic basket. Leftovers? Pasta salads? Where in Boston is your favorite picnic spot?

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  1. I've only been a few picnics but since my fiance proposed during one a few months ago, they have a special spot in my heart. BTW, I absolutely love that fig jam from Whole Foods. It is seriously addictive and SO good with cheese!