Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Future Chefs Awards Party 2010

Future Chefs Alumni Danielle and Jen.

Every food blogger should adopt one cause that they can throw their support behind. I am happy to say that mine is Future Chefs. As a food writer you get invited to lots of events and all of them are great causes featuring spectacular food and a glamorous crowd. I had been looking for one organization that was food-focused, enthusiastic and, most of all, fun. I was lucky enough to find it.

The Future Chefs 2010 Awards Celebration.

I was lucky enough to be invited to their 2010 Awards held at the Somerville Arts Armory, a very cool space. These kids are really serious about the culinary life. What always strikes me about meeting them is their professionalism but most impressive is that they are kind and helpful to one another. As we all know, restaurant kitchens can be places of high drama but the buzz on the street is that they are the opposite of that, stepping in to help out when you need it most.

The amazing buffet.

One of the big supporters of Future Chefs is Accardi Foods, who deserves a huge shoutout for providing most of the food and their kitchens for preparation. I am glad to be joining them supporting, mentoring and learning from the next wave of the very best Chefs in Boston. I am very sure in the years ahead you will be seeing and hearing a lot about them.

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