Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chef Jody Adams

Chef Jody Adams of Rialto volunteering at Taste Of The Nation.

My phone rings and it's Chef Jody of Rialto and Bravo TV on the line, Top Chef Masters has just wrapped up and they want to talk.

TBF: So, what did u have to eat today?

Chef Jody: I had a Liberté Lemon Yogurt and then I had a Brewer from Darwins, my favorite sandwich in the universe. It's on multigrain bread, it's swiss cheese, carrots, pickles, um, cabbage, red peppers, dijon mustard. It's like a salad in a sandwich. It's delicious.

We chatted about Rialto, Julia Child, her family, growing older, the intensity of competition and the evolution of food TV. It was a great conversation (I love getting foodie calls from all over the world) and in the end I asked what was most important: Partners In Health. Good cause. I can't wait until we meet up again.

Part II and the full interview to follow.

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