Sunday, April 11, 2010

On The Bookshelf

Are you learning more about wine?

Sundays is our day to relax and that's why you rarely see us post on a Sunday. At least half of the day is spent catching up on reading that pile of magazines, papers and books we put aside with good intentions during the week. It's a day of indulgences, new music, snoozes, gossipy phone calls, doodling in notebooks, sampling products we've been sent and ordering take-out or scavenging the fridge for still edible leftovers. The DO NOT DISTURB sign is on the door.

I just loved this new book about wine so much I wanted to share it. By the year 2012 the USA is projected to be the largest wine nation on earth. More and more families are enjoying wine with dinner every night.

If you are daunted by even the thought of ordering wine at a restaurant, baffled by the choices, not sure what to spend or just want to dip a toe into the stomp then this is the book for you. Not a bit snobby but also not dumbed-down, it's a fun read. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon. Here's the video trailer for the book.

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