Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Mystery Is Over

TBF loves solving little mysteries and these signs around town have been leaving a lot of people perplexed lately. Black and yellow in color they appear out of nowhere, disappear a day or two later and typically contain two or three letters that seem to be some kind of code, which, indeed, they are.

These are movie location markers. They are used to direct camera and film crews to a film location as their trucks roll into town usually in the very early or late night hours. The letters usually correspond to the name of the film being shot. If you follow the signs you will eventually stumble upon a film location shooting, although often it is just the crew setting up. Most actual filming takes place after 9pm and before 5am in order to minimize the crowds. This particular location was in and around Copley Square this weekend and we are not sure of the name of the film.


  1. I saw them in Quincy a few months ago and learned what they are. When ever I see them, I always look for what is being filmed.

  2. BF = "boston's finest" it's an ABC pilot cop drama starring Katee Sackhoff from Battlestar Gallactica and "24", and the hot doctor from ER whose real name i can't pronounce.