Friday, January 29, 2010

Want To Open A Restaurant? For Free?

For the second time in a month we have been invited to participate in a TV reality series about food. We are fascinated by the whole idea of the situation but not quite sure we want to jump into the fray. The concept here is pretty simple and something lots of people dream of: the idea of opening their own, small family restaurant. This is a two-person team competition. Couples of ANY combination: friends, family, sisters, grandmas, neighbors ... anything. One person cooks, one manages the restaurant. I have been in contact with the Producer and will be there to personally meet contestants and follow them through the process, whatever the outcome. So, if you live in Boston and consider yourself a talented amateur chef this could be your chance to have The Food Network finance your dream. Here are the details.

Date: Monday, February 8, 2010
Time: 10am - 3pm
Location: Lenox Back Bay Boston Hotel
61 Exeter Street
Boston, MA 02116

We are looking for:
Two person teams with pre-existing relationships (brother and sister, mother and son, husband and wife, etc.) who would love the chance to prove that they can run a restaurant.

A dynamic front of house and back of house duo. One person on the team will run the front of the house and the other person on the team will be the chef and run the kitchen. All levels of experience (culinary school trained to home cook, little or no restaurant experience to a lifelong career in restaurants) will be considered. Lots of energy and charisma! We're seeking personalities that pop.

In each episode, two teams of aspiring restaurateurs square off in an extremely intense competition to prove they have what it takes to open their own restaurant. The teams have just 24 Hours to conquer a concept, décor, and of course the food to turn a blank space into the restaurant of their dreams. Once the doors are open, actual diners will be served and a panel of restaurant experts will judge to see which team showed the most potential for running a successful restaurant. The winner will walk away with seed money to help them actualize their dream.

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