Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let's Go To Paris

Me permettre, pour un moment, vous prendre à un des la plupart des villes beaux dans le monde : Paris. We were there for four days and three nights, soaking up the culture, food, art and fashion. Jen and Karen chose the restaurant the first night, La Dolce Vita. This casual eatery provided the best Italian food since, well since Italy. The next night Sunny whisked us off to one of his old haunts on the Left Bank: Founti Agadir. In the exotic, cave like dining room we feasted on Moroccan fare. I have been hooked on couscous ever since.

The third night was my choice and I had three requirements: it must be a place where the locals eat, reasonably priced and have an authentic Parisian bistro atmosphere. It was a tall order but after much research (and consulting with Sunny) we settled on Le Trumilou. With a Marais location, in the shadows of l'Hotel de Ville, on the banks of the River Seine and even with views of Notre Dame this Parisian institution was not only just what I'd imagined but even beyond my wishes.

The decor is simple, the prices very reasonable, the service friendly and you really know that you are in Paris. The tiny tables are filled with locals chatting, laughing, sipping wine and enjoying life and food, even the pencil thin fashionista at the table next to us who devoured a platter of steak tartare much to our American bewilderment.

The food is simple and some might even say old-fashioned: terrines, hard boiled eggs and mayonnaise, leg of lamb, duck with prunes, apple tart and crème brûlée. It's probably the kind of thing grand-mère used to make, which has made this place a popular spot for decades. Needless to say, it is highly recommended.

Le Trumilou
84 Quai de l'Hotel de Ville
Arrondisement 3
Telephone: 01 42 77 63 98

For those of you who would like to explore more of modern Parisian life and culture we recommend the BBC seris SANDRINE'S PARIS, hosted by art historian Sandrine Voillet. Here is a peek.

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  1. I'm so jealous of your trip that I can't even attempt to make a relevant comment. :) - Alison