Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Quake Relief

We debated all day whether or not we should create a post on the horrific devastation in Haiti following the massive earthquake. I had been thinking about an interview I had seen with Wyclef Jean about a month ago and being really impressed with all of the wonderful charitable work he was doing in his native country. I went back and forth. We are really not a news site. There is tremendous coverage of this all over the media. I don't want to just ignore it. It really has no bearing on the subject of our blog. In the end, however, I could not be remiss as I was raised to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." If I were there I would pray that no person in the world would ignore.

So, I am not telling anyone where, or what, or how to give but I am asking that everyone would join me in sharing the compassion and empathy and giving something.

I trust Wyclef Jean to be more knowledgeable and understanding than almost anyone in this situation. I believe that the Red Cross is best equipped to handle immediate stability. And all of the critics will stand on the sides and do noting. I have chosen this. Understanding there will be controversy following relief efforts, I'd rather jump in the fray and be part of the cooperation.

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