Friday, December 11, 2009

David Chang On Momofuku, and more

Quirky, brilliant, focused, crazy, innovative ... so many words can describe him.

We spent some time with Chef David Chang of Momofuku last night and there is no question that his mesmerising, convoluted talk still had everyone sitting at attention in their seats. Several Michelin Stars, about to open his fifth restaurant, he flies into the face of traditional wisdom and still seems to come out on top. While he admittedly is not the most dynamic speaker, he did offer some rather interesting tidbits:

His favorite cookbooks are Thomas Keller's "French Laundry" and Heston Blumenthal's "The Fat Duck". Chef Chang is a voracious cookbook reader and collector.

As we've found with many great chefs, Chang rarely cooks at home. He will cook for himself at his restaurants or, when home, order delivery.

As a first generation Korean-American whose father was a Chef his parents were not at all happy when he decided to become one, too. In fact, his father envisioned him becoming a professional golfer! (It seems the more great Chefs I meet the sports-food connection is more common).

Although he claims to have made every mistake and done everything wrong when trying to establish his restaurants he feels he was saved by luck, talented staff and, mostly, by good old-fashioned long hours of hard work.

Chef Chang had dined at Barbara Lynch's Sportello during his Boston visit.

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