Monday, November 2, 2009

Weeknight TakeAway, Film At Eleven

Sony Production crews set up the fake snow alongside the front entrance.

What does one do when the Property Management alerts you, early one morning, that Sony Productions will be filming in the building tonight for the new movie, THE SOCIAL NETWORK, starring Justin Timberlake? Well, what I did was walk past the fake snow and mobile the nieces. Bring your cameras. Dinner at my place.

Harrows Chicken Pot Pie.

On the way back home comes Harrows to the rescue. Their chicken pies are the best and they have just opened up a new location in Medford.

Instead of watching a dvd we watched an actual movie being made just steps away.

And although we didn't get to meet JT we did see Jesse Eisenberg and the other stars. The leftovers are always nice, too!


  1. Nice! This sounds much more interesting than watching a real movie. The fake snow looks pretty convincing.

  2. Jen - It was so amazingly realistic I wanted to swipe some for Christmas decorating!