Friday, November 20, 2009

The U.K. War On Brussels Sprouts

No doubt many a mother will be admonishing her children this Thanksgiving to "just try" the brussels sprouts. Perhaps this was not the case for a young man many years ago in the U.K. Take in point Royal Navy Commanding Officer Wayne Keble OBE, in charge of the illustrious U.K. Ship the HMS Bulwark. He was reportedly heard to recently say that sprouts were the devil's vegetable and should be banned from the Captain's table. This prompted a movement, begun by a blogger of course, to gather recipes for preparing the under appreciated vegetable and petition for reconsideration.

You can read all about it and join in the vegetable fray by clicking here. Then, support the cause by sending in your favorite recipe. If you are not a fan (shame on you) check the recipes for one you may want to try yourself. I am the first to admit that I, too, am a convert to the joys of the brussels sprout.

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  1. The British can't cook sprouts. QED, the British hate sprouts. It's as simple as that.