Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tonight's Feature Presentation

After all the parades, football, eating and visiting with family and friends this week there will come a time when you will want to just sit down and relax a bit. If you are too worn out to get out of the house or even pick up a good book we've got a few great suggestions, as always. So, plan ahead and ... Welcome to Tonight's Feature Presentation.

Lot's of people take in a film after a fine meal. It's even better at home where you can snack on that bit of leftover chutney on a cracker and a small glass of wine. We suggest FAST FOOD NATION. A fictionalized, biting satire, it might be a little slow-moving but at this point, hey, what isn't? Quite funny in spots, poignant in others, this movie will certainly take you to places you have never been before, something a good film should do.

The documentary FOOD,INC. is a real eye opener.

If you want the real deal, however, this is it; a well-researched documentary and a shocking eye-opener. It will satiate your intellectual needs after a few days of work in the kitchen and you will now join my little bandwagon of those who talk about agribusiness and corporate food. This is the kind of film that is bound to influence your every food decision from the moment you see it.

Yes, there may be a lighter fare of cinema this holiday season but nothing more important than these two selections.

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