Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rising Star Chefs Boston 2009 Gala

We stopped in at the Rising Star Chefs Boston 2009 Gala and Awards Ceremony this week and were in awe of the talented Chefs that we have here in Boston. The Rising Star awards is sponsored by an online magazine for food industry insiders and a great website to learn more about your favorite Chefs, up-and-coming, hot new talent and even exclusive food industry job listings.

There were so many flavorful tastings and talented Chefs that it would take weeks to comprehensively cover all of the dishes and Stars but we definitely wanted to highlight some of them over a few posts. I have always loved the venue chosen, The State Room at 66 State Street, 33 floors above the City, with sweeping views of the waterfront. Seeing downtown all lit up at night really makes you appreciate just what a cosmopolitan City Boston is. All of the dishes featured were paired with excellent wines and there was even live entertainment. In short, a perfectly organized and impressive evening of food.

Upon arrival, with our flute glass of champagne in hand, we made a beeline to Joanne Chang's station. Joanne received the Restaurateur Award. As most know, she is part owner of Myers + Chang, the modern Asian restaurant in Boston as well as the burgeoning empire of Flour bakeries. Chang prepared a knockout dish: Asian-Braised Short Rib Taco with Asian Pear and Sesame-Cilantro Salsa. Rich, sweet and meaty, we loved the unique twist of the taco paired with Asian flavors.

Joanne Chang of Flour Bakeries and Myers + Chang

Next up was Chef Mike Pagliarini of Via Matta. Chef Pagliarini prepared a Muscovy Hen Breast with Turnips, Rhubarb, Swiss Chard and Spiced Pistachios. Beautifully seasoned, delicately cooked and a perfect taste of Fall. This was a modern, gourmet comfort food and a satisfying taste.

Mike Pagliarini, Executive Chef at Via Matta plating his dish. Mike has the lucky distinction of having worked a stint with the incomparable Heston Blumenthal of The Fat Duck.

Chef Pagliarini's Muscovy Hen Breast tasted every bit as delicious as it looks here.

Chef Jamie Bissonnette, the talented (and colorful) Chef at Toro offered up a seafood dish: Island Creek Oyster Escabeche with Grains of Paradise and Lovage.

Chef Jamie Bissonnette

Fans of Chef Bissonnette will be happy to know that he will be partering with our friend Chef Ken Oringer to open an eagerly anticipated new modern Italian enoteca: Coppa.

Chef Rachel Klein of Aura at The Seaport Hotel received the Hotel Chef Award. Her inventive dish: Scarlett Borscht, Smoked Sable, Candy Striped Beets and Sour Cream. The dish was a fitting choice, diplaying the thought and creativity she has brought to Aura.

Chef Rachel Klein.

More coverage of this event, featuring the next generation of star chefs and their creations, will be coming up in future posts. All of the recipes for each dish, by the way, are available for those who would like to try and recreate them at home. Shoot us an email for which one you'd like.

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