Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let's Go To London

Kids and their technology. God love 'em. I walked to school three miles every day in my bare feet. Even in the snow. Today they dine in fine restaurants and play on wired, interactive tablecloths. But why live in the past when the future is so bright ahead?

All kidding aside, sometimes it's good to put away our adult minds, the fine linens and Wedgewood, the etiquette and protocol, the cuff links and high collars, to have a few minutes with little Max. What better a spokesman could explain the wizardry at Inamo in London? This video is all about the joy and discovery of a family meal at a great Asian-fusion restaurant in SoHo that's gone playfully hi-tech. It is truly amazing.

This incredible technology not only gives you an interactive menu and takes your order but also maps out your evening, allows you to view the live chef cam video feed, change the decor at your table, calls you a cab and practically orders groceries delivered in for your next day's breakfast! Plus, you can play Battleship with your table mates between bites. What is more cool than this?

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