Friday, September 4, 2009

Long Trips and Laundry

A friend recently called for advice on a trip he'll be taking: a 21 day Celebrity Cruise through the Panama Canal, around the Caribbean and then onto South America. And he's never been on a cruise before! Still, with our experience and many years of work in the travel industry we had lots of advice.

The great part about cruises are all those formal dinners, a true fave here at TBF. Although we'd never be tied down on a ship for that long (we much prefer City stays where we can wander about, off the beaten path, discovering things for ourselves) they can be relaxing and are considered a grand style of travel.

The question that always comes up on such marathon trips is what to do about clothes and laundry? As fashion conscious as we are, we prefer a carefully edited wardrobe and washing along the way. Another product we have found incredibly useful are the SWASH products. We carry these tubes of "smooth it out" and "fresh it up" everywhere.

One is basically a wrinkle smoother and it really works, smoothing out unwanted creases, keeping shirts and dress trousers neat and clean. The freshener eliminates musty, smoky and, yes, even food odors for those nights when you've splurged on dining at the chef's table. Originally designed and marketed for college kids who'd rather party than do laundry, these have become our ardent travel companions.

The product is hard to find. I've never been able to locate it in stores. You can learn more about it here: Swash.

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