Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another Weekend

I fully realize that at some times I sound like a gossip columnist but I can't help it. I enjoy celebrity and cannot turn down an invite to dress up events! Just as dear to my heart as dining out (which we did) and writing about food (my daily ritual) is cinema and I was lucky enough to be invited, by chance, to attend the opening night of the Boston Film Festival and chat with one of my all time favorite actors Uma Thurman. With 29 films to her credit, this one is a true charmer, full of laughs and new talent.

It's amazing to watch a film and then be able to actually discuss it with the lead actor. YES that was actually Jodie Foster in the cameo. NO they did not rehearse the scene.

Actress Uma Thurman.

When this film opens on October 23 you should really take the time to put aside your life, get out of your space and just watch and listen and laugh.


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