Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Monsieur Brooks

A BIG Congratulations to our friend and fellow food blogger Aidan Brooks on accepting (finally) the position of Pastry Chef at Restaurente Ferrero in Valencia, Spain. With such a passion for food we are certain that his kitchen creations will shine!

In a related story Chef Brooks will also be providing the inspiration for the sassy, finger-waving (what's left of them) dessert wizard character "Monsieur Trig" in the upcoming animated Disney/Pixar film: LA MOUSTACHE. Plaudits to you Chef Brooks on all your accomplishments!!


  1. Aw shucks!

    You gotta stop praising me, William - people will start talking. The petit fours are in the post.

  2. Bien, alors vous n'êtes pas si grand! Haha