Monday, June 29, 2009

Simple Interview: Scott Hebert

The next installment of our Simple Interview series features Scott Hebert, Chef and Co-Owner of TROQUET in Boston. With his culinary degree from Newbury College, Chef Hebert has worked alongside such luminaries as David Burke and David Bouley of New York City.

1) What words would you use to describe the style of your restaurant?

Upscale, wine-driven French-American

2) What uniquely qualifies you to prepare and direct the cuisine at your restaurant?

More than 20 years of cooking! I’ve been with Troquet since the day it opened, eight years ago. We do not serve classic French cuisine, rather, it’s my interpretation of French, and my taste in matching food to our wine list, so there’s a lot of creativity involved. I am also a hands-on kind of guy, and by being here every day and working closely with my team, I believe I can motivate people to excel at what they do.

3) Do you like to cook at home and, if so, what do you make?

My wife is also a cook, so she does most of our at-home cooking but I tend to like to make easy, simple things that I can do with my two young kids, things like pasta or pizza. Once in a while, we all make bread.

4) How has your restaurant responded to the “new economy”?

Two ways come to mind: we pass along any wine deals we get to the consumer, so we’ve been able to keep prices on great wines down, for the most part. We are also, for the first time ever, participating in Amex Restaurant Week. Other than that, we don’t get involved in offering deals and discounts. We use high end ingredients like west coast abalone and hand-raised ducks from a family farm in Pennsylvania, so we need to attract a diner who appreciates that and understands its attendant cost.

5) Tell us something that most people would be surprised to find out about you.

I’m an exercise freak. I run, press weights at the gym every day, do yoga, anything to keep myself healthy and strong for my physically demanding job.

You can visit TROQUET at: 140 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 617-695-9463
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