Friday, June 5, 2009

Return Of The Speakeasy

To find a speakeasy one must be in-the-know, or read TBF.

A few months back we wrote a post about a club in London called PROHIBITION featuring flappers, bathtub gin and barkeeps with handlebar moustaches. It seems this wildly popular club was not just a fluke but a full-fledged trend. Others have suddenly popped up all over the USA in a throwback to Depression Era hedonism gone underground.

One of these is New York's own PTD.

After you locate CRIF'S DOGS, the hip hot dog joint on St. Marks Place in the East Village, step inside the phone booth located therein. Identify yourself as a PTD (which stands for Please Don't Tell) patron by speaking into the phone receiver and a buzzer opens a secret panel door leading to the stylized spot. You're in like Flynn.

Inside PTD in New York City.

113 St. Marks Pl. , New York, NY 10009 (near First Ave.)

Then there is MANIFESTO in Kansas City. Walk down the alley and head to the back door, under 1924 Main. Press the call button. After you're buzzed in you descend down old wooden steps, past a fuse box and gas meter, before going through brown curtains and traveling back in time 80 years. You get the picture kid. And if you don't then beat it! Go on! AM-scray!

MANIFESTO club in Kansas City.

Manifesto partner Ryan Maybee says the inspiration for the space and the menu came from the old days. "I've always and will forever be fascinated by the high form, the skill level, the creative level of bartenders and mixology ... my era is definitely pre-prohibition, 1850 to 1920, a really good time for bars. Every drink -- or nearly every one we serve -- is based on a classic cocktail."

1924 Main
Kansas City, MO 64108

Maybe it's the economic times. DETAILS Magazine current issue also has an article: "The Rise of the Poorgeoisie". Described as down market aesthetes with a scruffy look and a well-off social strata, they epitomize the exact opposite of conspicuous consumption. They look like hippies yet favor the quality of organic truffles. A whole new affluence has risen where it's ok to have gobs of dough as long as one doesn't flaunt it.

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