Monday, April 6, 2009

Waiting......and waiting....and waiting.

This new economy is really cramping my lifestyle. In one way it's been fantastic because if you've got any spare change, basically, you can dine at the very best restaurants in Boston. All of the places that were just out of the price range are suddenly within reach. Deals are all over town, spontaneous and otherwise, and if you just look you will certainly be able to find an affordable option at that one place you've wanted to visit for years.

Yet another ubiquitous special or free offer sign seen all over town.

On the other hand, we here at TBF crave the new. Some of the places we have been really looking forward to visiting have still not opened. Tory Row in Harvard Square was all set for February, then we were promised March and now it's April and still nothing. Same with 55 High in Medford, really just around the corner from us. We're hoping you didn't mean December 2009! It is scary opening a new place in this economy, we understand, but the longer the delays the more we fear there may actually be no openings at all.

Tory Row's "imminent" opening has been dragging on for months now.

The upscale Steakhouse opening at 55 High Street is reportedly being planned by the same family who brought us the very popular Carol's Diner of Medford.

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