Monday, April 13, 2009

Let's Go To Stockholm

The Jumbo Hostel in Stockholm, Sweden

If you think that all hostels are just boring, loud, cramped bunkers filled with rowdy college students think again. This place has to be just about the coolest hostel in the world. The Jumbo Hostel is housed within a retrofitted 747-200 situated in the Stockholm-Arlanda airport. The jet actually has a long history of service, originally built for Singapore Airlines and at one time in the Pan Am fleet. It was last operated by Transjet, a now bankrupt Swedish airline. The Jumbo Hostel has 25 rooms with three bunk beds each. Each room is around 6 square meters, and with any luck you'll get the chance to sleep in the cockpit.

Many original parts of the plane still remain - the lounge bar and first class seats are still there, as well as the oxygen masks. New rooms are expected to be built in the engine compartments, where the original rotor blades will be used as venetian blinds. The whole concept of this makes me feel like a kid playing fighter pilot again.

The uber cool lounge at the hostel.

Comfort in an airplane is something I rarely get to experience. It would be nice to do it at least once and I've never been to Sweden. It should also reduce my oh so politically incorrect carbon footprint by helping to save a plane from being sent to landfill. The hostel is now open to visitors and, aside from the fun factor, gets surprisingly good reviews. For information on booking click here: Jumbo Hostel.

The cockpit accommodations at the Jumbo Hostel.

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