Tuesday, March 3, 2009

London Anyone?

One of the great things about this new economy, if there is any silver lining, is that if you've got the cash now is the time to buy just about anything! There are some travel deals out there that I haven't seen in ages. The folks at LondonTown.com have this really handy hotel searcher that is now in beta testing if you'd like to try it. Just plug in the dates, the general location you want and the price range and they will find you a place.

You can test it for yourself by clicking here.

Or, if your rich Uncle Leroy has gone and left you a bundle of cash there is always this:

The Icon A5 personal jet.

As sexy as any sports car and as a portable as a jet ski this is the ultimate toy. Thanks to sweeping new FAA aviation rules and the design and engineering of Kirk Hawkins, this baby is the first to market in the new light sport aircraft category.

With folding wings for easy transport, the Icon A5 sells for $139.000.00 but, as they say, if you have to ask the price.... Don't go building that airstrip in the lower forty at your estate, however. This gem is strictly for water landing and takeoffs. So, I guess you'll have to get that new Caribbean haunt you've been eyeing to go along with it.


  1. I've only heard this aircraft referred to as an amphibian, never as water only. Are you sure of what you are saying here? Some people have only seen the early mock ups before the landing gear was fitted and made the same assumption but the lower picture you show clearly has wheels.

  2. I was following the test flight which was strictly water. It may now be amphibious. I any case it is a marvel of design.

  3. Seems like a very odd time to be launching new luxury items. Someone out there must have some money. I wish they'd go out to eat instead of out flying.