Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dark and Foreboding

What better to go with this ominous economy than a dark and foreboding, even frightening, interior restaurant design? That's what you get at the Ultra Supper Club in Toronto.

Interior view of Ultra Supper Club

Dinosaur sized roosters stare down at you from the walls as you dine. The black and red (mostly black) interior is dramatically lit and the furniture is sleek and modern. The cuisine is contemporary fusion with above par reviews.

Ultra Supper Club in Toronto

After the dinner hour the place becomes a very chic club having hosted the likes of Lyndsay Lohan, Becks, Hilary Duff and (to keep with the unusually scary theme) even Paris Hilton. Something just tells me that Depression Era, over the top, alcohol soaked partying is going to be back in style. Or is it just me?

Ultra Supper Club
314 Queen St West
Toronto, ON M5V 2A2
Telephone: 416-263-0330

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