Monday, February 16, 2009

Recent Eats

What you are about to see may be disturbing. Or not.

I can get away with eating like this and still be perfectly slim because I swim one hour each day as a minimum, drink lots of water, walk or bike everywhere, get plenty of quality time with friends and family and sleep, sleep, sleep.

Poached, fresh salmon fillet and a pile of scrambled egg for breakfast.

A big bowl of messy chili with fresh-baked corn muffin for lunch.

A thick slice of heavily buttered artisan wheat bread, perfectly turned out egg and crisped bacon...breakfast of champions.

A cloud of grated parm floating on home-made meatballs and rigatoni for dinner.

Black forest ham, fresh tomato and basil and thick slices of emmenthaler all pressed between bread and grilled with a brush of olive oil for weekend snacks.

Quite the large and fulfilling plate of pannini that lasted all day.


  1. Like you, I eat pretty much whatever I feel like and don't put on weight. It pisses my dad off because he puts it on so easily.

  2. I once had a dinner with a group of businesspersons while travelling in Florida. After dinner the woman next to me said: "I cannot believe that you ate more than the two football players here tonight!" I guess we are blessed.