Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Amuse Bouche 8

Looks like salmon, doesn't it?

Part of the fun of blogging is learning. I love to write and I also love photography, travel, friends and, most of all, food. When my friend Kim came in and saw me setting this up she bemoaned yet another salmon dish but she said it didn't smell like salmon. That's because it is shredded chicken cooked in grocery store rib sauce and finely julienned onion, served on a bed of minced cucumber with black salt. For the sips I poured the last bottle of Berry Weiss beer (The Pride Of Chippewa Falls) into cordial glasses. The look on her face when she tasted this was well worth all the work.

After almost a year with my trusty little Canon Power Shot I finally have mastered the art of close-up shots in a way that I have wanted. My moleskine is filled with more post ideas than I have time for. And even though I have no travel plans as of yet everything kind of came together for me, the entire day went my way, for a change, and it was totally fun.


  1. William,

    What a fun dish! You didn't say, how did it taste?

  2. For me, subtle. The crunch of the salt made it. For Kim, amazing, which was perfect as an amuse bouche is best as an unexpected surprise.