Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pretension Must Be Paid

If you're the type who absolutely has to be in on the very latest private club in a top world class city then this is for you.

The Paramount Bar in London.

Designed by renowned Brit interior designer Tom Dixon for impresario Pierre Condou, The Paramount Bar is located on top of city landmark Center Point tower, boasting amazing panoramic views of the City. The mix of futuristic and retro 60s design is guaranteed to attract and host a crowd of hand picked beautiful people, no doubt lounging and posing in fabulous and meticulously fashionable splendor.

In fact, to even be considered for entrance one must submit an application to be reviewed by a board (including Brit actor Stephen Fry) and then pass the so called "assessment." How daunting. Gone are the days of the red velvet rope, one must surmise. Then again, some will pay any price for their modern, minimalist environs while sipping one's cocktails and enjoying the inescapably fantastic view.

Boasting a 35 year lease on the place, Condou promises what just may be the new aesthetic for the stodgy old private club.

The Paramount Bar
Centre Point 101 New Oxford St
London, WC1A 1DD.

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